Legion Background


Legion is a multi genre company that was Established in 2017.

 we specialise in events and management as we host events from all different genres of music. Sometimes collaborating them together and help our rising artists in their genre find success.


Legion is a company that Loves music in all shapes and forms so as a multi genre company we consist in the words 



Legion Managment

At Legion we find new artists from all different genres of music and help them reach the success they want, we don't push them or demand them to change. with our artist we have a friendly approach and help them from getting their first gig to getting their new music out for the world to hear. We help them find there own sound, We also help with social media fan base and promotion. But most importantly we at legion get them to take the right steps in becoming the artist they want to be.


Legion Events

Legion Events mostly host for our artists however, having other artists preform such as well known headliners from there genre. To our artist headlining and having other new talent in the same genre or collaborating different genre of music. Also preforming as well. Not only do we  host our own events we also work alongside with other events by booking our artists to these events.